Ten Commandments T-shirts

Promote the The 10 Commandments! Wear the Ten Commandments on the 10th of every month! Newly designed T-shirt ready for this. Order it now. Ask God what you can do to protect His Commandments

We have just had two legal setbacks on the 10 Commandments & it shows the need even more for "we the people" to start wearing the 10 Commandments & proclaim our convictions. The ACLU files more lawsuits almost weekly. We need to show the ACLU that we have no fear of them. People all over the nation have been waiting, watching and hoping that our Supreme Court would rule favorably on the Indiana case. Now we have the Commandments monument in Chester County Courthouse, PA up for appeal because Democrat Judge Dalzell ordered it taken down after it being up for 82 years. We need to put some notice into the ACLU and into Congress that the American people are fed up with MIS-rulings. Demonstrate your bill of rights with Ten Commandments t-shirt printing, and wear 10 on the 10th. We are printing these t-shirts in mass volume.